About Us

98 Fahren is world’s leading company in developing & manufacturing innovative personal cooling wear products. The name represents what we believe in and are capable of doing. We bring to life cooling solutions that keep you going, comfortably, throughout your day.

Whether it is the constant technological improvements or practical implementation of materials, we believe that our products are the perfect fit for the sporting world, the world of adventure and essential work.

From running, football, tennis, golf, cricket and basketball, our function first approach and performance-led design prove time and time again why many of the world’s top athletes and adventurers choose to adorn.

Our Cool Clothing is made keeping your comfort in mind. We are into patented personal cooling technology to protect you from heat stress & dehydration, hence improve your performance.

With 98 Fahren Cooling wear beat the heat at your fitness area, during sports or your daily routines. Clothing that is designed to

  • Fight Heat Stress
  • Preserve Optimal Body temperature
  • Keep you cool for long hours