Is the 98 Fahren cooling technology safe?
Yes. It contains non-toxic ingredients, is CE certificated and is REACH compliant.

How does it work?
Simply fill with water, the special fabric absorbs the water very quickly and releases it very slowly through evaporation for extended cooling. Due to the unique technology system, the 98 Fahren products will not become wet or soggy, making it suitable to wear the vest underneath clothing.

What is the cooling duration of a 98 Fahren product?
98 Fahren products offer up to 3 days of cooling comfort, depending on temperature / airflow / humidity level.

How much cooling can I expect from a 98 Fahren product?
The 98 Fahren products provide up to 15C / 59F cooling relief under the ambient temperature. The ambient temperature, level of airflow and humidity determines the cooling effect and cooling duration.

What to expect from an evaporative cooling vest?
Wearing a cooling vest is NOT like the airco in your car. Although a cooling vest will cool you down substantiously, your body will quickly adapt to the new temperature and you will not feel the cold so directly anymore, but the cooling vest will continue to cool you down, so don't worry.
You can compare it with jumping into a swimming pool, where initially it will feel cold, but you'll get used to it quickly.
Also like in the swimming pool, the temperature of an evaporative cooling vest is depending on the outside temperature, humidity and wind. It is relative to these conditions. Please note that high humidity will diminish the fabric's ability to evaporate water and therefore provide cooling. This will sometimes not give you the cooling you want or need. But just remember: without the cooling vest it would have been much worse.

Does the 98 Fahren product work in any condition?
The 98 Fahren cooling products are designed to be worn in an environment with an ambient temperature that is not extreme, and the products perform best in low to medium humidity.

Can the products be reused?
Yes. Just make sure you hang them to dry when not in use

How can I wash the 98 Fahren garments?
Yes, the 98 Fahren products are machine home washable 30 degrees Celsius, use mild detergents. Hang dry only, no ironing, no dry cleaning. Always close the valve or zip-lock style closure when washing.