Cool Vest EVO - High Vis Reflective Cooling Vest Lime

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CoolVest EVO is a combination of Cooling + High Visibility. Makes it perfect to be comfortable at work, outdoor and safety.It keeps you cool for up to 5 hours depending on ambient temperature, airflow and humidity and can be reactivated again.Super easy to use and re-use HOW TO ACTIVATE
Simply soak in fresh water, squeeze gently and it is ready to use

  • Keep you cool for up to 5 hours each soaking

  • Drops up to 15 Deg Celsius from surrounding

  • 98F patented inner liner keeps you 100% Dry from inside

  • Unique and stylish NEO designs - 6 Attractive colours

  • Flexible sides to keep you comfortable during any sporting/riding activities

  • Front closure to make it easier to put on

  • Anti Microbial treated

Exterior: 100% polyester wicking fabric
Core: 98F cooling membrane with anti-bacterial treatment
Inner: Anti-Bacterial Treated liner