Cooling TEE Dark Camo

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Tshirt with the Efficiency of a Cooling Vest 

Looking for a casual tee that performs like a cooling vest? Look no further! Our specially designed cooling tee offers the comfort of a regular sport t-shirt while providing a cooling effect of up to 15°C from the ambient temperature. Stay cool and keep pursuing your adventures without interruption!

Super Easy to Use and Reuse

Easy to Activate
Simply soak in fresh water, squeeze gently, and it is ready to wear.

Keeps You 100% Dry from Inside

Product Features
- Keeps you cool for up to 5 hours with each soaking
- Reduces temperature by up to 15 degrees Celsius from the surrounding area
- 98F patented inner liner keeps you 100% dry from the inside
- Unique and stylish NEO designs available in 6 attractive colors
- Flexible sides ensure comfort during any sporting or riding activities
- Antimicrobial treated